STEM Jobs for Ukrainians

The purpose of this platform is to introduce Ukrainian refugees with backgrounds in tech, science and engineering to possible employment opportunities in Denmark.

For Ukranians

We are collecting info on Danish companies who offer either long or short-term employment. Should you be interested in an introduction, please create a user and register your background, experience and skills here, and we will facilitate introductions based on match. 

See if you match any of these employment opportunities.

If you are looking for specific job listings in English they can be found on

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For companies

If your organization has employment opportunities and would like to connect with STEM professionals from Ukraine recently arrived in Denmark, enter your details here and we will attempt to connect you. Your details will appear in this list. 
Connections will be made based on education, professional background and skills.

If you have a specific job opening, please contact our team here

This initiative is powered by IDA and Teknologiens Mediehus with support and participation from Technology Denmark.

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Illustration: Teknologiens Mediehus.