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ONLINE Ruteoptimeringsmøde

access_time27. maj 14:30

Grundet COVID-19 situationen bliver dette ruteplanlægningsmøde afholdt online. Flere detaljer herom modtages senere. Det er ikke bare lige til, når en rute skal planlægges- og fastlægges. Rejsen vil blive påvirket af varierende vind-, bølge- og strømforhold og varierende skibpræstationer. En lille netværksgruppe under Transportens Innovationsnetværk har samarbejdet om gensidig indblik og inspiration til at optimere ruteplanlægningen. Forskellige indsigter og resultater fra dette arbejde vil blive præsenteret under denne begivenhed. PROGRAM: 14.30 Velkommen v.

World Maritime Technology Conference (WMTC) 2021

access_time27. apr 10:00
place Arni Magnussons Gade 2, 1577 København, Danmark

More than 1,000 guests will be coming to Denmark in 2021 when Copenhagen opens its doors to the world leading maritime technology conference WMTC (World Maritime Technology Conference) showcasing the latest innovations within maritime technology at the three-day conference. A trendsetting conference The conference was first held in 2003 and has since then been conducted every third year, most recently in 2015 in Rhode Island, USA, and again in December 2018 in Shanghai, China, before it hits Denmark in 2021.

Ports & Drones - can a drone really do that?

access_time19. maj 11:00
place Lindholm Havnevej 33, 5800 Nyborg, Danmark

Within recent years, the use of drones for professional purposes has developed massively, and today drones are being used for a wide range of services. Also, the Maritime Industry has discovered advantages in using drones in the daily operations and is taking part in this. By using drones, it is now possible to get a closer look at areas that are difficult to access or to get a quick bird’s-eye view, without use of expensive machinery and without exposing your staff to risks and harsh environments.

Online conference: The Business of Clean Shipping

access_time14. maj 13:00
place Online

MDC proudly presents our online conference premiere! As there has been a great interest in attending the physical The Business of Clean Shipping conference, which was supposed to be held at The Danish Maritime Fair, we proudly invite you for our first online conference allowing you to do your cyber networking with an even more international participant list… With an increasing demand for clean shipping solutions from customers and regulators, business, as usual, is not an option.