Mere om CO2-reduktion

Drivhusgasser, blev der sagt

2. jun 2020 05:50

I de danske medier bliver det ofte gjort klart, at der skal ske ændringer, hvis Danmark skal nå sit mål om at reducere CO2-udledningen med 70 pct. i 2030. Problemet er bare, at det ikke er Danmarks mål at reducere CO2 alene, men drivhusgasser med 70 pct. i 2030.

Webinar - Green Recovery - Partnerships for Sustainable Growth

access_time27. maj 09:30

Welcome to State of Green’s newest flagship service – a webinar series known as GREEN TALKS. Through monthly webinars, different aspects of the global green transition will be examined and discussed, and you will get the chance to hear from a range of relevant and interesting speakers. In 2019, the Danish parliament committed Denmark to reduce CO2 emissions by 70% by 2030 – an ambitious goal requiring new technologies, solutions and most importantly: partnerships.