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Disparate impacts in AI implementations

Yina Moe-Lange , Product Manager  2021.AI , 28. jan 2021 04:04

Every day, more and more decisions are made across the enterprise, and many of these decisions are made by algorithms within AI systems. Humans can unconsciously bring biases into their decision-making, and we must ensure that these are not reflected or further emphasized in our AI decision-making process. AI has the potential to help reduce unfair biases and help us ensure responsibility in our decision making to avoid disparate impacts.

Structural bias in AI models

Yina Moe-Lange , Product Manager  2021.AI , 12. jan 2021 07:42

Twitter recently came under fire due to structural bias in their cropping algorithm used to crop photos for the Twitter feed. Twitter optimizes the cropping of images displayed on the feed so that what the thumbnail version of a photo is assumed to be the most interesting part of the picture. Unfortunately, the algorithm seemed to focus on white faces over black faces consistently when executing the cropping. This consistent choice shows that there was bias built into the algorithm that Twitter had not yet addressed.

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